Gill Junior Dinghy Top Tops Holiday Wish Lists

The calendar may only read mid-November, but if you’re like us, your inbox is filling up with holiday promos, and definitely Black Friday promos. Clearly, retailers don’t feel you need to wait that long to start your holiday shopping. Truthfully, we don’t, either. We got one look at the Gill Christmas gift guide, which arrived several days ago, and we started earmarking items. Among them, the Gill Junior Dinghy Top, for our favorite small sailors.

We spotlight the top in the November edition of the newsletter. Suited for kids from ages six to 13, the Gill Junior Dinghy Top is similar to the grown-up versions. It has two layers of breathable fabric, for example. In addition, it wicks excess moisture from the skin’s surface, so your kids stay dry and cool. Even though it’s breathable, it’s also waterproof. Plus, the Gill Junior Dinghy Top’s collar and cuffs are close-fitting, to keep water out, yet remain adjustable and comfortable.

Finally, you (or, more accurately, your kids) get a color choice: blue, as shown, or red.

There’s more in this month’s newsletter. We tell you about Port 32 Fort Lauderdale, the new name for the former Fort Lauderdale Boatyard & Marina. We also tell you about the latest developments with our sister company, the book publisher Superyacht Storytellers. Of course, there’s even more news, about Heesen, Amels, and others.

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