Lauren L Has Patagonia Charter Adventures for You

For decades, the winter charter season has seen superyachts head to the Caribbean. The 295-foot (90-meter) Lauren L is heading farther south this coming season. She has her sights set on the southern end of South America, Patagonia.

One of the things making Patagonia’s cruising grounds so remarkable is the fact that it straddles two oceans. One coast lies along the Pacific, while the other greets the Atlantic. Furthermore, for those of you who like heading off the beaten trail, it’s hard to beat Patagonia. Few yachts visit here, practically guaranteeing you anchorages to yourself. Then consider the astounding natural beauty, ranging from glaciers to grasslands, even deserts and volcanoes. Wildlife is remarkable, too, with cougars, deer, pumas, and the llama-like guanaco among the animals regularly traversing the landscapes.

Lauren L superyacht charter in Patagonia

In the central agency of Titan Fleet, Lauren L is available starting January 8. She’s using the world’s southernmost city, Puerto Williams, as her seasonal base. Here, you can hike to the waterfall Cascada Los Bronces, and visit the Yagans, a tribe dating back generations.

Plenty of adventures, tailored to your liking, await a weeklong stay aboard. For instance, Lauren L can let you get close to a UNESCO World Heritage site, the famed Perito Moreno glacier. The Titan Fleet charter brokers and the superyacht’s crew can arrange a hiking trip across the ice, as well as through forests and up mountains. If you’re not feeling terribly athletic, though, it’s no problem. You can still see some of the glacier from Lauren L’s decks at anchor—or fly over it via a helicopter.

superyacht Lauren L

From whale watching to dolphin spotting, and scuba diving to heli-skiing, plenty of adventures await on Lauren L’s Patagonia charter calendar. So, too, do plenty of indulgences onboard. Accommodating 36 passengers in 20 staterooms, the superyacht has spectacular saloons (above) and other relaxation areas. In fact, she has her own spa, outfitted with treatment rooms, as well as sauna and steam rooms. If you have kids, Lauren L caters to them just as much. She has a special playroom with soft surfaces, along with a teen-friendly array of video equipment. Plus, she has an inflatable slide and inflatable rock-climbing wall. Suitable for kids of all ages, and generations.

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