X-80 Super RIB: Superyacht-Sized and Super-Fast RIB

Sometimes, you just want to press the throttles down and go for a thrilling ride. The X-80 promises that experience. Conceived by Federico Fiorentino, this is no ordinary RIB. The designer calls it a “super RIB,” for good reason. LOA is 80 feet (24 meters). What’s more, production is ready to begin.

Fiorentino approached Sacs Marine, a well-known fellow Italian company, to manufacture the X-80. Fiorentino knows Sacs well, having collaborated on a few RIBs already with its team. In fact, he’s the naval architect behind Sacs’ successful Rebel RIB series. It combines the benefits of big inflatables with those of maxi opens, including comfort, speed, and maneuverability.

Federico Fiorentino X-80 super RIB superyacht

For the super RIB X-80, Fiorentino is working with the Sacs Bespoke Operation Division (SBO). The RIB manufacturer has had this custom division since day one, for special customer requests, including a custom tender with Fiorentino’s naval architecture for a 164-footer (50-meter). Sacs SBO has further enjoyed exclusive partnerships with the likes of Abarth and Jaguar, among others.

Whether you want the X-80 as a chase boat, or a primary boat, you can put the proverbial pedal to the metal. A variety of twin- and triple-inboard power packages pledge speeds up to 50 knots. In addition, total horsepower can be a whopping 5,000. Meanwhile, your guests can enjoy the nearly 646-square-foot (60-square-meter) open deck area, tailored to your tastes. Request a sunbed, for instance, to complement perimeter seating.

You can also make special requests for the interior. The rendering above, of the master stateroom, is just one suggestion from Fiorentino. The X-80 super RIB provides a full-beam stateroom amidships for you, encompassing 269 square feet (25 square meters). You further get a twin cabin for friends or family, along with a crew cabin.

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