X-80 Super RIB: Superyacht-Sized and Super-Fast RIB

Sometimes, you just want to press the throttles down and go for a thrilling ride. The X-80 promises that experience. Conceived by Federico Fiorentino, this is no ordinary RIB. The designer calls it a “super RIB,” for good reason. LOA is 80 feet (24 meters). What’s more, production is ready to begin. Fiorentino approached Sacs Continue reading

Rebel 47 RIB Rebels Against Convention

Why should a RIB look plain? That’s the thinking of Sacs Marine, which created the Rebel series with Christian Grande DesignWorks. The first offering, the Rebel 47, is a 46-footer that, in the designer’s words, “neither conforms to convention nor wishes to.” The two companies have collaborated previously, on the Sacs Strider series of RIBs. Continue reading