Reliant Yachts X40T Limousine Tender, Part of a Tender Trio

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Reliant Yachts offers a variety of services to yacht owners, including designing and managing builds in various sizes and styles. This week it celebrated the launch of one such project, the X40T Limousine Tender. She’s one of three tenders to eventually accompany a megayacht in her journeys.

Based in Rhode Island, Reliant Yachts oversaw construction of the X40T Limousine Tender in Turkey. Specifically, Su Marine, based in Tuzla, is the company’s exclusive builder. The boat employs cold-molded construction, along with carbon fiber in some areas. For example, the cabin roof is carbon fiber, as are the radar mast and flagstaff. Carbon fiber helps to increase strength while saving weight, aiding performance, too. To that effect, the X40T Limousine Tender was meant to hit 30 knots. Reliant Yachts said it more than achieved that goal. During sea trials, it says, the boat saw 38 knots under Cummins power.

Reliant Yachts X40T Limousine Tender megayacht tender

The 37’9” (11.5-meter) tender is, as the name states, a guest-centric boat. For interior comfort, there’s full standing headroom, along with leather seating for eight, a bar, a galley, and a head. Music, accessible via Wi-Fi and Apple Airplay, is available for guests at the tap of their smartphones. And, everyone can enjoy the passing scenery due to the handful of windows. If they want some privacy, the crew can draw the leather blinds by pressing a button.

If the weather is nice, two options await for enjoying fresh air. First, there’s the aft cockpit. (The forward cockpit is solely for two crewmembers, one being the driver.) Friends and family can still stay out here even if they don’t want sun. This is because the X40T Limousine Tender has a power awning to cover the area. The second option for fresh air is the retractable saloon roof.

Reliant Yachts X40T Limousine Tender center megayacht tender by Reliant Yachts

Bearing a 12-foot (3.65-meter) beam, the X40T Limousine Tender shares her hull design with one of her sisters, the X40 Express. That boat already hit the water. It’s illustrated above, to the right, along with the limo tender (center) and their third sister, the X40L Lander (left). All three tenders, as mentioned, will serve the same megayacht. In addition, all three show off metallic silver paint with black accents. Finally, all three further feature flush deck fills, retractable cleats, and removable stanchions to both sides to help guests board.

The Lander tender should launch before the end of the month.

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