The Magnificent 7: 7 Largest Megayachts of 2015

Every year sees a number of notable yachts handed over to clients around the world. This year has been no exception. Though, 2015 was truly exceptional. No less than five megayachts measuring 300 feet (91.4 meters) and larger were delivered. Several more splashed, too, set for delivery in the early weeks and months of 2016. Continue reading

PHOTO: Carl Groll/

Kusch Yachts’ IDynasty, V853 From VegaYachts

Her nameboard may be taped over, but the newest launch from Kusch Yachts is broadcasting her name as IDynasty via AIS. She’s been spotted in recent days in Germany, following her initial launch last November. Kusch Yachts is building IDynasty for a client of VegaYachts, the project-management firm founded by Richard Hein, who was also Continue reading

Messerschmitt Yachts Partners With Kusch Yachts

Messerschmitt Yachts, a Germany-based builder founded in 2009 to produce steel and aluminum megayachts, is now working with Kusch Yachts for the engineering and build of one of its model lines. Specifically, Kusch Yachts, also based in Germany, will construct the MTT-Bulwark series for Messerschmitt Yachts. The MTT-Bulwark series features megayachts from 116 to 180 Continue reading