Monte Fino ecHo Starts Construction

Monte Fino ecHo

If Monte Fino has its way, its latest project will not only be RINA Green Plus certified, but also the smallest megayacht to receive the honor.

Construction has just begun on the first hull in Monte Fino’s new ecHo series, an 85-footer designed by Humphreys Yacht Design. The unusual name is a play on words, a combination of “ecologically friendly” and the designer’s name. Because the yacht is being engineered for lower emissions, reduced weight, better insulation, efficient fuel economy, and other environmentally minded goals, Monte Fino does expect to receive the Green Plus certificate. It’s a purely voluntary but no less prestigious achievement.

A look at the tank-test results reveals one factor behind Monte Fino’s confidence. Humphreys Yacht Design worked with the Wolfson Unit at the University of Southampton in England to ensure low resistance and high efficiency. (The hull was designed specifically for this megayacht.) The design and build teams selected a fine-entry, full-displacement hull that should achieve a 15-knot top end powered by twin MAN R800 engines. More important are the cruising speed and related fuel burn: 9 knots, allowing for a reported consumption of just 20 liters per hour, or 5 gallons per hour. Keep in mind that this will be with both engines and both gensets running (with 50-percent load on the gensets). In addition, range will be 2,776 nautical miles. Even if the owner wants a little more speed, the fuel burn should still be miserly: At 11.5 knots, the ecHo reportedly will sip 42 liters per hour, or 11 gallons per hour. Range then becomes 1,870 nautical miles. Operation of the ecHo will come via a joystick control and a station-keeping system, both developed with ZF.

It’s interesting to note that Monte Fino has a host of additional “green” options available for future owners. These include hybrid power (relying on batteries/gensets), grey-water recycling, and waste compactors.

Regardless of choice, the owners will be able to invite a handful of guests aboard, thanks to four staterooms in total, all on the lower deck. Accommodations for three crewmembers are aft of the engine room.

Monte Fino, whose models are sold through Hargrave Yacht Sales in the USA and Monte Fino Europe overseas, expects to deliver the first ecHo next summer.

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