Vripack Included in Museum Exhibition

In honor of Vripack’s 50th anniversary, a museum in Holland is hosting a special exhibition.

The “No Nonsense Go Anywhere” exhibit opened at the Frisian Maritime Museum, located in the town of Sneek, on June 2. Sneek is also home to Vripack. Overall, the Frisian Maritime Museum depicts the history of regional shipping, ship construction, and watersports. For the “No Nonsense Go Anywhere” exhibit, the museum’s curators worked with Vripack’s staff to obtain original drawings, photos, and scale models. Some of the designs pre-date the use of computers, providing a look at a true art that is fading in some areas of the yachting industry. (On a related side note, Vripack has not abandoned the pen-and-paper approach. In fact, all of its designs still begin with a rough hand sketch. Only when the Vripack team is satisfied with the details does the design process move into the electronic realm.)

Specific Vripack designs included in “No Nonsense Go Anywhere” include the famed Doggersbank boats and megayachts, such as the 102-foot Beothuk. Also included are custom megayacht designs like Turmoil, built by Palmer Johnson.

The Vripack exhibit runs through September 2.

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