Imaginocean Yacht Design GT-40 H and GT-55 H: Hybrid Projects

Imaginocean Yacht Design, the Australian naval-architecture firm that created the Tango 2 yacht and tender duo with C.Way, has selected several eco-friendly ideas for its latest megayacht concepts. Indeed, the “H” in the model names GT-40 H and GT-55 H may stand for “hybrid,” but that’s just the beginning.

Take, for instance, LED lighting throughout the two megayachts, which measure 131 feet (40 meters) and 180 feet (55 meters), respectively. LEDs use less electricity and don’t emit heat the way traditional bulbs do. Imaginocean Yacht Design also calls for the use of so-called smart glass. Sometimes referred to as switchable or dimmable glass or glazing, smart glass varies the light-transmittance properties and thermal properties of windows. It’s been proven in the residential and transportation sectors to offer energy efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, the hybrid propulsion system should permit the GT-40 H and GT-55 H to top out at 20 knots, according to Imaginocean Yacht Design. When run solely on battery power, the megayachts should still make 8 knots.

If you’re struck by the styling of the GT-40H and GT-55 H, there’s an interesting story behind it. Will Allison, chef designer of Imaginocean Yacht Design, says inspiration came from a mix of designs. Modern-day sailing yachts, the current trend toward compact, chic designs, and even retro styles all come into play. As for the latter, Allison points to the renowned Midnight Lace series of powerboats created by the late naval architect Tom Fexas. While Fexas was responsible for many successful designs, Midnight Lace was arguably his most famous. He developed it in the late 1970s, based on the commuter boats of the 1920s and PT boats, bearing a leaner and more efficient hull design than the beamy ones of the time.

Of course, Imaginocean Yacht Design is not foregoing interior innovations for the GT-40 H and GT-55 H. Each features folding balconies and bulwarks, plus a split-level saloon and main-deck masters. In an interesting twist, the GT-40 H’s master is aft, with direct access to the aft deck. Aboard the GT-55 H, the master is forward. Also forward are large tender bays, and the one aboard the GT-40 H can double as a pool when the toy is offloaded. The GT-55 H lets guests access a “beach resort” directly from their lower-deck staterooms. It’s outfitted as a full second saloon and benefits from being just forward of the expansive watersports deck you see in the aft-view image above.

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