Lürssen’s Topaz Continues Sea Trials

PHOTO: Claus Schäfe/TheYachtPhoto.com

The 483’10” (147.25-meter) megayacht Topaz has been turning plenty of heads in Germany in recent days. She now bears her decorative nameboards, which reflect some artistic flair.

PHOTO: Claus Schäfe/TheYachtPhoto.com

Photographed last Friday while on her second series of sea trials at Lürssen, Topaz ranks among the top 10 megayachts currently afloat. Even among yachting aficionados, Topaz commands attention due to her length and height. If you look closely at the transom close-up, you’ll see there are several peole standing on her aft deck, as well as a bit farther forward on the port side. They, and the flag, put her immense dimensions into better perspective.

PHOTO: Claus Schäfe/TheYachtPhoto.com

For further perspective, remember something we have discussed previously: Topaz is the second-largest launch from Lürssen, outranked by Al Said, measuring 508 feet (155 meters). (We’re not counting Azzam, the world’s largest megayacht, since she is still a long way away from completion.)

Hand-over of Topaz should take place soon.

UPDATE, AUGUST 15, 2012: Topaz was reportedly delivered last evening.

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