Futuristic-Looking Maiori Future Concept Megayacht Tender

Here’s the Maiori 52 Collider, the first model in a new series of megayacht tenders from Maiori Future Concept. The radical styling is by Ken Freivokh Design.

The construction of this Maiori 52 Collider was managed by EYOS Tenders, which sources and project-manages specialized tender projects for a variety of clients. EYOS Tenders periodically sent a team to the shipyard to assess the progress and advise on technical features to benefit the owner.

As the profile shows, there’s a swept-back arch that comes up and over the helmsman’s head. It’s fitted with a center-mounted windscreen. Other crewmembers may stand or sit alongside here, while guests enjoy other seating or even the large sunpad at the transom. The Maiori 52 Collider also has an axe bow, to cleanly cut through waves. Twin 510-hp FPT engines coupled to surface drives. (FPT is Fiat Powertrain Technologies, which has been producing marine engines for many years.) While no information has been provided on the Maiori 52 Collider’s speed, a Maiori 50, a model that Maiori Future Concept has been building since 2007, is capable of 35 knots. And, Maiori Future Concept touts its boats as being swift.

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