RINA Green Plus Partners With Wood Forever Pact


Further emphasizing its environmentally conscious focus, RINA has incorporated membership in the Wood Forever Pact in the criteria for RINA Green Plus certification.

The Wood Forever Pact is an initiative established in 2010 by Prince Albert II of Monaco, as part of his seven-year-old foundation focused on protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable development. Wood Forever specifically focuses on combating deforestation and the related increase in greenhouse gas emissions. While it recognizes the desire among megayacht owners and builders alike to outfit boats with beautiful woods, sometimes timbers can come from suppliers that practice illegal logging and exacerbate deforestation. Deforestation in turn impacts local communities. Wood Forever therefore strives to help all parties obtain wood from sustainably managed forests.

Burger Boat Company and VSY are already members of Wood Forever, with Burger initiating its support in 2011 and VSY doing so about a year ago. Given the number of megayacht builders and owners alike who strive to achieve the voluntary RINA Green Plus Yacht classification, support should rise. You may recall that RINA Green Plus requires various design elements, onboard equipment, and operational procedures to emphasize lower than otherwise required emissions.

The new agreement will add a socially responsible purchasing policy at the shipyards to the mix. The RINA-Wood Forever partnership additionally will see annual meetings organized, intended to raise awareness among builders of the need to preserve forests. It was formally signed on September 28 at the Monaco Yacht Show aboard Benetti’s Ocean Paradise, by the Foundation CEO and vice president Bernard Fautrier and RINA Group CEO and chairman Ugo Salerno (shaking hands, left and right, respectively). Representatives from Benetti and Prince Albert II were among the observers.

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