Deck Your Halls, and Yourself, via the Riva Boutique: Gallery

If you’re a fan of Riva, you can now wear your love for the brand on your sleeve. Or your head. The Italian yacht builder has an online store, the Riva Boutique, stocked with accessories from clothing to furniture.

At the recent Yachts Miami Beach show, Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi revealed to the media that clients and Riva admirers alike had inquired about buying accoutrements. The requests convinced management to pursue a variety of creations.

With all pricing in euros, the Riva Boutique carries books, barstools, hats, lamps, shirts, tables, and more. Like other builders with branded accessories, for example, the store has men’s and women’s polo shirts. In true Italian style, the Riva Boutique also carries a silk scarf. Adorned with images of classic Rivas, it surely will appear around the necks of a number of fashion-forward ladies.

Book lovers among you have a few choices. For instance, historians will appreciate Riva Corsa: The Origin of the Myth. This 167-page book contains 200 photos, some black and white, and many never before published. It tells the story of Serafino Riva, the father of Riva founder Carlo Riva. Serafino Riva was a renowned raceboat driver, setting records and winning races starting in the 1930s. Riva: Lo Stille Italiano is yet another book. It’s a photo-driven record of 33 different Rivas, starting again in the 1930s and culminating in present-day designs.

If you can’t get enough of the mahogany and maple decking adorning Rivas, you’re in luck. Choose from an iPhone cover, an iPad cover, or two different Aquarama cocktail tables. Then again, who says you have to choose just one? The cocktail tables further come in circular (above) and square shapes.

For the small set in your family, the Riva Boutique even offers toys. Carved wooden models of the Aquarama and Rivarama, plus a truck that takes Riva boats to dealers, are available.

Take a peek at some of the accessories you can buy:

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