Naucrates 85, Small but Mighty Support Yacht

Support yachts tend to be as big as the super-size superyachts they serve. So, why not offer a smaller size, for owners of smaller primary yachts or those who simply don’t want such a big shadow vessel? This is the thinking behind the Naucrates 85, from the Italian builder Cheyenne Yacht and Italian design studio Green Yachts.

“Naucrates” comes from Naucrates ductor, a.k.a. the pilot fish, whose role in nature is, suitably, that of an escort to other marine life. Also suitably, the Naucrates 85 is part of a new series, the Ductor Series. The 85-foot (nearly 26-meter) Naucrates 85 is designed and engineered for a number of roles. For example, as many support yachts do, she can carry extra staff and crewmembers. She further can carry spare parts, for emergencies, as well as additional provisions. Then there are the plethora of watertoys: personal submarines, limo tenders, all the inflatable apparatus like climbing walls, and more. “More” even includes automobiles, whether an offroad vehicle or a sports car. And, as the image at top shows, the Naucrates 85 can let a helicopter land to transfer guests.

Speaking of guests, Green Yachts designed the Naucrates 85 to have a superstructure deck extension allowing extra staterooms on two additional levels. (The standard configuration provides four guest staterooms below decks, plus the master.) The extension also provides sundeck space or extra toy space. What’s more notable, however, is that Green Yachts claims the extension can essentially plug in to the existing superstructure. In fact, the design studio claims it installs, and locks in place, or removes according to an owner’s cruising goals.

Not everything about the Naucrates 85 is so eyebrow-raising, however. The interior layout follows tradition, with a saloon and dining area on the main deck. The wheelhouse has an observation area. Both below decks and on the main deck, you’ll find large ports, for abundant natural light. Green Yachts suggests using as many natural materials as possible for the decor as well.

Recognizing some owners are adventurous souls year-round, Cheyenne Yacht and Green Yachts are additionally courting buyers looking for a primary boat. The shipyard has previous experience building all-aluminum yachts, including 90- and 110-foot fast yachts. The Naucrates 85 is definitely a departure, featuring a steel hull. Speed is more sedate as well, expected to be 12 knots at cruise, under twin 800-hp Caterpillars.

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