Columbus 80M Comes Together: SLIDESHOW

In looking at these photos, it may be hard to imagine this 261-footer (79.5-meter) will be ready for delivery in just one year. But, Columbus Yachts anticipates doing just that with her, the Columbus 80M, its largest megayacht to date.

Also referred to as the Columbus Classic 80M, the yacht is about eight months farther along than similar projects’ schedules. It’s due to simultaneous construction of the hull and superstructure, a self-imposed challenge to think different. Columbus Yachts welded the steel hull in one of its yards in Naples, Italy. Meanwhile, the aluminum superstructure took shape up the Adriatic coast in Ancona. In the slideshow, you’ll see the hull arriving via barge in Ancona, following a 10-day journey.

You’ll also see the three lower decks come together with the three upper decks. That was a process unto itself, too. Craftspeople rolled the superstructure of the Columbus 80M out of its build shed (a newly constructed shed for this, and larger yachts, in fact). Once they positioned the two parts, they rotated the united structure to roll the Columbus 80M back inside, aft decks first.

The engines, gensets, and other major equipment were already in the hull on arrival. So, too, were the bulkheads defining the crew’s quarters and guest areas. The Columbus 80M therefore just needs paneling and furnishings in these spaces.

Still to come are features like the circular glass elevator connecting five of the six decks, for guests’ convenience. (The sixth deck contains stowage areas and the crew gym, serviced by its own elevator, too.) The Columbus 80M, designed with Hydrotec, will also feature a waterfall spilling down into the sundeck pool. The pool measures 23 feet (7 meters) long. Given a beam of about 43 feet (13 meters), the megayacht should keep the owners and guests plenty comfortable.

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