Hot Lab 67M Explorer by VSY, for American Tastes

Two Italian yachting names want Americans to be as familiar with them as their European counterparts. Therefore, the Italian design studio Hot Lab and the Italian shipyard VSY chose the Fort Lauderdale show last week to premiere their collaborative concept. They call her the Hot Lab 67M Explorer by VSY. Simply put, she’s an expedition yacht reflecting Italian style.

Actually, Hot Lab approached VSY after initial development of the project. The studio says it believed the builder’s experience with large superyachts as well as its focus on sustainable construction and cruising were primary factors. The Hot Lab 67M Explorer measures 218 feet (66.53 meters), with a beam of 35 feet (11.6 meters). Robust steel and aluminum construction as well as engineering will make her a real explorer. In fact, Hot Lab wants to make sure potential buyers understand that she’s not just styled to look like one. For example, the superyacht sports true wing stations, akin to ones seen aboard workboats or navy vessels. The superstructure itself echoes the look and purpose of one aboard workboats or fishing vessels, too. It’s far forward to make room for gear aft.

Plenty of yacht gear can go aft on the Hot Lab 76M Explorer by VSY. A helicopter can land and take off from here, for example. (It’s not meant to stow here permanently, however.) For safe operations, deck hardware goes beneath the deck surface. Alternately, loose furnishing can turn the deck expanse into an alfresco lounge.

Interestingly, something you won’t see aft are stairways. None lead from the swim platform up to this deck area. Hot Lab did it on purpose, for modern flair. A passerelle will let guests board dockside. When the superyacht sits at anchor, guests can access the beach club within the transom via a hatch on the main deck. The transom itself opens, too, flipping up over the swim platform. Furthermore, two opening side platforms will let the crew launch and retrieve tenders and toys.

Hot Lab 67M Explorer by VSY superyacht

Some more tried-and-true yacht features aboard include an infinity pool tucked behind the wheelhouse. Michele Dragoni, who handles styling at Hot Lab, characterizes it as “an intimate and scenic panoramic point.” Speaking of panoramic, all-around views are possible up on the cozy sundeck. It’s just forward of the mast. Glass windscreens rimming the aft upper deck (above), along with an alfresco bar just one deck below, also afford great views.

Hot Lab wants owners and guests to enjoy equally good views inside. That’s why the Hot Lab 67M Explorer has a panoramic elevator leading from the lower deck to the bridge deck. Significant-size windows line three of the four decks as well. Even the gym, on the bridge deck, has panoramic views.

The designers have two different layouts, featuring six or seven staterooms overall, to accommodate different preferences. Regardless, both place the master suite forward on the upper deck. And, both have accommodations for 15 crewmembers plus the captain. Furthermore, both put about 5,220 square feet (485 square meters) of outside space and 8,019 square feet (745 square meters) of inside space at your disposal.

Intended to be ABS classed, the Hot Lab 67M Explorer by VSY will have Caterpillar power and a station-keeping system similar to Dynamic Positioning. The deep draft of 10 feet (3.17 meters) means anchoring will be the order of the day more often than not. She should also see a range of 5,000 nautical miles, at 12 knots.

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