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Setting Off Aboard the Sanlorenzo SX88: VIDEO

The term crossover brings to mind images of a vehicle meant for civilized travel as well as a little adventure. It also impresses upon you the concepts of space and comfort. At least one yacht builder, Sanlorenzo, is picking up where the automotive companies left off with those ideas. It even calls the Sanlorenzo SX88 a crossover. Once you see why—which you will in the video below—you’ll understand.

The small superyacht may “only” be 88 feet (27 meters) in length, but the styling lends her a longer look, especially aft. In fact, her aft deck should be the center of attention for not just those onboard, but also onlookers from land and sea. There’s 323 square feet (30 square meters) of open-air space here, complemented by cascading stairs from the main living deck. The goal of the Sanlorenzo SX88 is to give you the advantages of explorer yachts—much larger explorer yachts, at that. As a result, you can keep three watertoys side by side here. A handy crane lets your crew launch and retrieve them, too.

That sleek, slick exterior yields entry to an equally sleek interior. Since the Sanlorenzo SX88 is semi-custom, clients can choose the look they want. However, you may want to borrow some design cues from hull number one. Particularly impressive (though perhaps dizzying to those a bit unsteady on their feet) is the floating stairway. And we do mean “floating.” Each tread mounts to a glass outer wall.

Sanlorenzo worked with interior designer Piero Lissoni to create the space planning for the new series. Lissoni maximized the look and feel of the main deck by following an open-plan configuration. The builder likens it to a loft apartment. Given the effect of the elbow room and the floor-to-ceiling glass on three sides, it’s an apt description.

Look for our “Megayacht News Onboard” feature in the coming weeks, with even more details. For now, enjoy the armchair tour.

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