Cor D. Rover Tender 28, With Matching Luggage

Well-known megayacht designer Cor D. Rover is extending his design and engineering skills to smaller craft—specifically, tenders. With the Cor D. Rover Tender 28, you get a nimble, nifty boat. What’s more, you get one at a better price point that’s customizable—and comes with a tailored set of luggage.

Rover decided to explore this new territory due to simple, practical reasons. With every megayacht he designs, customers want comfort and relative quiet while onboard. In addition, increasingly, they want better fuel consumption. So, why can’t these same concepts extend to a tender?

Cor D. Rover Tender 28 megayacht tender

Measuring 28 feet (8.5 meters), the Cor D. Rover Tender 28 has the performance and handling assets captains, crew, and owners appreciate. These include active stabilization, which kicks in upwards of 15 knots. The tender has bow and stern thrusters with joystick control as well. Better yet, you can beach the boat, for a true anchorage-to-activities-ashore experience. Thanks to a 170-hp Volvo Penta engine, the Cor D. Rover 28 Tender should cruise at 25 knots and top out around 30 knots, too. In addition, the wrap-around windshield lends a little extra protection to guests seated in the cockpit at those speeds.

For more of the fun factor, you’re welcome to outfit the boat the way you wish. Request Wi-Fi, for example, for staying connected while island hopping or for streaming your favorite songs. (Or both.) For seating, Rover will work with you on selecting fabrics, leathers, and trim materials. Those same materials can complement the matching set of luggage (below). Whatever you choose, know that the Cor D. Rover 28 Tender can come with teak decking inside and on the swim platform. You can also have underwater lighting.

Note, too, that Rover intends for this boat to double as a stand-alone dayboat. Therefore, he’s designed her for simple trailering or shipping via a container.

The Cor D. Rover 28 Tender starts at €139,500 (approximately $171,240 at press time), excluding VAT.

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