10 Benefits of Black Pearl’s Hybrid Solution

Black Pearl grabs headlines for being the world’s largest sailing superyacht. But there’s more to this Oceanco beyond her sheer size. In fact, the entire genesis of the project centers on flexibility and efficiency. The owner wanted not just propulsive flexibility and efficiency, but also less electrical consumption. Furthermore, he wanted to maximize the luxury Continue reading

Lateral Naval Architects, “Marriage” of Oceanco & BMT Nigel Gee

In 2008, James Roy, who created the yacht-design division at BMT Nigel Gee, made his first visit to Oceanco. According to Roy, the yard’s CEO, Marcel Onkenhout, pointed out the window at an empty lot and declared that it would build yachts in excess of 90 meters (295 feet). In fact, the two companies discussed Continue reading

Black Pearl Departs on Delivery, With Cool Light Show: VIDEO

By now yacht watchers worldwide have gotten more than a few glimpses of Black Pearl as she neared completion by Oceanco. https://www.oceancoyacht.com/en/ The 350-footer (106.7-meter) is the world’s largest sailing superyacht. More significant from a technical standpoint, she’s the world’s largest DynaRig-equipped sailing yacht. Regardless of your knowledge of rigging and related equipment, though, you Continue reading