Ron Joyce’s Destination

“I think that is so beautiful,” Ron Joyce said, taking a good look at his 161-footer just before she lowered into the water in Gulfport, Mississippi, on Tuesday. “Oh, wow. You’ve done a great job,” he added sincerely.

The Canadian businessman spent a lot of dough, literally and figuratively, to get to this point. The cofounder of the famous Tim Hortons donut chain and honored humanitarian (children and education are dear to his heart) commissioned Destination Fox Harb’r from Trinity Yachts. He told WLOX-TV, “I’m a senior citizen, I’ve worked hard all my life. This is one of my rewards.”

Marking a step up in size from both a motoryacht and a sailing yacht with similar names, Destination Fox Harb’r seems quite the reward indeed. Her interior, by Patrick Knowles Designs, features a split-level owner’s suite and a skylounge that can accommodate a good-size crowd. But according to The Yacht Report, Joyce is also taking the environment into account, equipping the megayacht with ozone-based water-treatment systems made by Chem-Free. Instead of using chlorine, which is damaging to ecosystems, Chem-Free uses the gas, which also has a faster sterilization and disinfection rate—and which major cities around the world have been using for decades, even centuries, to purify their water supply. One Chem-Free system will control black-water holding-tank odor, while the other will treat seawater that’s returned to the sea chest.

Destination Fox Harb’r should be delivered within the next few weeks. Something tells me that Joyce wouldn’t trade her for all the donuts in the world.

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