Sanlorenzo Moves Megayacht Achilles—at Night

Not all megayacht launches take place by daylight. In fact, Sanlorenzo just undertook a nighttime launch for its fourth 46 Steel, christened Achilles.

Sanlorenzo has moved more than one of its new builds under the cover of darkness. Why? The Sanlorenzo shipyard in Massa-Carrara (one of three it operates in Italy) is not at the water’s edge, so yachts are transported along the local streets to the marina. To lessen the impact on the community, since roads need to be closed to traffic, the moves take place at night.

As for Achilles, the megayacht was lifted onto wheel-based supports and carefully guided through turns that were a bit tight but still navigable, so to speak, for a 151-footer (46-meter). Those same supports stayed in place when Achilles arrived at the marina and slipped into the water.

Achilles is similar to the three previous 46 Steel deliveries in that she has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, plus three decks. She also has a fully custom interior (details not released), with all guest staterooms below decks. All crew are housed below decks, too, with the captain accommodated just aft of the pilothouse. Sanlorenzo says Achilles can achieve a top speed of 17 knots and cruise speed of 15 knots, powered by twin 2,040-hp Caterpillars.

Here’s what Achilles looked like upon arrival at the marina:

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