Silver Arrows Marine Taps Megayacht Designers, Mercedes-Benz for New Dayboat Model

Is this a day boat, or a souped-up superyacht tender? She could be both. She’s the first project for Silver Arrows Marine, a new company intent on making a big impression. The Silver Arrows Marine boat bears design work from the Mercedes-Benz Style team, Francis Design, and Design Studio Spadolini.

UK-registered Silver Arrows Marine’s management team is comprised of individuals experienced in brokerage, sailing, and other specialties in the marine industry. They felt current and new yacht owners had plenty of interesting boats to choose from, but something always limited the usability. These limits included power, luxury, vibration-free comfort, and/or other items. Silver Arrows Marine tapped the megayacht expertise of Francis Design to engineer the hull for the 46-foot (14-meter) boat. Beam will be about 12 feet (3.7 meters), with draft a shallow 2’6” (0.8 meter). She should be capable of a cruising speed around 30 knots with twin 350-hp engines (manufacturer not specified) and will have ergonomically designed helm seats. She’ll also be designed to keep vibration to a minimum, though construction materials have not bee revealed. Note the vertical bow, too, which should part waves cleanly.

Design Studio Spadolini is contributing to the Silver Arrows Marine boat’s styling, along with Mercedes-Benz Style. The automotive influences are apparent, particularly in color combinations, the rounded roof, and the shortened transom. Interesting enough, those design elements have infused yacht design for several years, in open-style yachts and megayachts. It’s not until you view the Silver Arrows Marine boat from aft (see above) that you realize she’s nearly entirely open. This is the type of unconventional thinking that Silver Arrows Marine believes has been lacking in the industry.

While the final design is still being determined, Silver Arrows Marine says it’s considering more unconventional features. One such item: windows that swing up like a bird’s wings. In conjunction with the sliding roof, this would enhance the indoor-outdoor ambiance.

What is definitely set, however, is what Silver Arrows Marine calls the “terrace by the pool.” Look at the aft view again, and you’ll see a platform situated just above the waterline. This terrace-like spot will permit quick water access for swimmers. Also set is the interior design (above), featuring room for 12 to sit or a couple to overnight. The seating area will further convert to a dining area for six. The Mercedes-Benz Style team is involved in the selection of tones and textures here, too.

Silver Arrows Marine says construction will start next year, with deliveries starting in 2014. It will further base a demo model at Porto Montenegro.

One interesting additional comment about Mercedes-Benz’s involvement, from its parent company:

The yacht also represents the next stage in Daimler’s vision of all-encompassing mobility: along with Mercedes-Benz vehicles on land and the Eurocopter EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style in the air, mobility on water under the aegis of the three-pointed star will also soon now be possible.

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