Bering 115: Steely Determination

Nine-year-old Bering Yachts has been focused on rugged ocean cruisers since its founding. Its full lineup, starting at 50 feet (15.2 meters), features steel semi-custom construction, built between two yards in Turkey and China. (Headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina.) The company is expanding offerings with the Bering 115 as its newest, and biggest, Expedition Series model.

The Bering 115 is one of seven Expedition Series models, in fact, which also include two other megayachts: a Bering 80 (in build) and Bering 95. Bering has delivered a few smaller yachts in the series, too, such as a 55 and 70.

The Bering 115 features styling by Sabdes Yacht Design. The firm has collaborated with other yacht builders like Icon Yachts and Feadship, plus commercial and military clients. Since expedition yachts can encounter messy seas, Sabdes Yacht Design has given the trideck Bering 115 a high bow. She also has a Portuguese bridge, as practical as it is pleasing in profile. Owners and captains are welcome to outfit that bridge as they see fit.

Bering 115 aerial

Also in keeping with her expedition purpose, the Bering 115 should achieve more than 6,000 nautical miles. Bering Yachts is outfitting her with twin 750-hp Cummins, for a 10-knot cruise and 12-knot maximum speed. You’ll have plenty of fuel to go along with this: 15,000 gallons (56,780 liters).

Because all Bering Yachts are semi-custom, the interior is yours to configure. It’s easy to imagine most buyers wanting a traditional saloon and dining area, along with the galley, on the main deck. Bering Yachts can create a motorized partition between the dining area and galley, too, for those of you who like a more relaxed onboard setting.

Naturally, the Bering 115 master can go fully forward, benefitting from the big rectangular ports you see in the profile. Consider, too, that beam is 30 feet (9.14 meters), more than most similar-size yachts. Most buyers may locate crew cabins fully forward below decks, though Bering also reminds you that they can go closer to machinery areas. The crew area can include the captain’s cabin as well. Alternately, the Bering 115 has space just aft of the wheelhouse for this. (If you do house the captain with the rest of the crew, that latter space can become a gym.)

All Bering Yachts boats are built to owners’ choice of ABS, Lloyds, or other classification.

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