Send Your Crew to Caribbean CrewFest

Let’s face it; the holidays are insanely busy for all of us. And that includes your crew, especially if your yacht chartered or otherwise entertained guests for Christmas and New Year’s. Give them a break, while encouraging career development, by sending them to Caribbean CrewFest.

Caribbean CrewFest is a multi-day event mixing mixing merriment with master classes. It’s being held January 11 to 14 at Christophe Harbour. Better yet for you, the St. Kitts’ marina is offering free berthage over the four days. According to the crew organization ACREW, which co-hosts the event, 17 yachts and their crews are already registered. So you’ll be in good company.

As for what your crew can do, several offerings exist. Leading industry professionals in security and defense will present seminars. So will representatives experienced in adapting service to varying cultures. Your crew can learn better financial-management strategies. Senior crew, and captains, will get an intensive course on the importance of situational awareness. A mixologist can teach everybody to make popular drinks. Furthermore, because drones are increasingly popular aboard megayachts, drone-handling classes are available as well.

Since Christophe Harbour and ACREW are hosting Caribbean CrewFest, each will have representatives at your crew’s service, too. In fact, Christophe Harbour is arranging a tour of its new fuel farm. ACREW, meanwhile, is holding a forum to learn more about how it can help crew advance their careers and build a solid financial future.

For relaxation and the all-important recharging, Caribbean CrewFest includes fun activities, like golf, volleyball tournaments, and excursions around the island. The photo at top was from one such excursion last year. Nightly networking, barbecues, and a masquerade party will keep the enjoyment going.

There’s a longtime saying in yachting: “Happy crew, happy owner.” Don’t you both deserve the best? Have them register here.

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