Dragonship 25M: 3 Hulls, 3 Different Setups

Multi-hulls aren’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine with PI Superyachts. The four-year-old company, focused on trimarans, wants to attract buyers who embrace the performance and space advantages of the craft. Soon, it will start construction of its first series, the Dragonship 25M. What’s more, the series is available in a motoryacht configuration as well as two different sailing configurations.

Will O’Hara, CEO and founder of PI Superyachts, says the first aluminum hull begins construction in The Netherlands. (The company itself is based in Wales and the UK.) The intention is to use the yacht as a demo boat, further making her available for charters. Of course, that will all change if a buyer steps forward first. PI Superyachts has been promoting the series, along with a handful of bigger trimarans, for the past few years.

Dragonship 25M Eco LuxWith a nearly 51-foot (15.5-meter) beam, the Dragonship 25M offers more than 5,812 square feet (540 square meters) of living space inside and out. This permits 10 in the owner’s party and eight crewmembers to stay aboard. As with all multi-hulls, staterooms are split among the hulls. Pi Superyachts plans to equip the Dragonship 25M with some of the most popular yachting feature, namely a gym inside plus a hot tub on the flying bridge. Furthermore, solar cells and electric power provided via a trailing-propeller generator system will provide “green” energy.

What makes the Dragonship 25M more interesting, however, is availability in three different configurations. The Motor Yacht puts twin 600-hp Cummins engines into use. At top, the Classic version is for traditional sailing enthusiasts, whether mono- or multi-hull owners. She has a fore and aft cutter rig. The third and final design is the Dragonship 25M Eco Lux, at left. She employs an Autosail, a soft-wing sail system, along with two electric motors and a battery bank. The sail has no standing or running rigging, and is therefore lower maintenance and quieter. In addition, the aircraft-wing-shaped sail can rotate all around via electric motors. As for the electric motors, they become gensets under sail. Pi Superyachts claims the Dragonship 25M could possibly see 20,000 nautical miles on one tank of fuel as a result.

Regardless of design choice, each Dragonship 25M will draw 3’9” (1.19 meters). They’ll also all be RINA classed. The additional benefit of the Classic and Eco Lux designs is RINA’s voluntary Green Plus designation, recognizing environmental mindedness.

Pricing starts at €5.5 million (about $5.8 million at press time).

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