Arcadia 100+ Marks New Styling for Radical Brand

UPDATE, AUGUST 1, 2017: Hull number one of the Arcadia 100+ now belongs to a Brit. Read on for our original article.


When Arcadia Yachts debuted its first project in 2010, it turned heads. The angular lines, pushed-forward house, and glass superstructure with dozens of solar panels dramatically departed from tradition. Now with five models, Arcadia Yachts feels it proved its founding philosophy. It believes yacht buyers want a far closer emotional connection to the sea, and a far more eco-friendly one. But, the builder still wishes to inject new ideas into its lineup. So, along with Hot Lab Yacht & Design, it’s taken client feedback into account in creating the Arcadia 100+.

The semi-custom Arcadia 100+ builds on the platform of the Arcadia 100, introduced at last year’s Cannes show. You’ll still find a primarily glass superstructure (below), where the panes are both to the sides and overhead. The Arcadia 100+ additionally features solar panels within the glass. Those panels will feed the system powering air conditioning and other hotel loads. Furthermore, you’ll find indoor-outdoor living options. And, the builder and design studio preserve a primarily single-level living concept.

Arcadia 100+

The changes mostly come in how the Arcadia 100+ emphasizes the indoor-outdoor living. Hot Lab Yacht & Design penned a bigger flying bridge and better use of the foredeck. Back aft, upwards of 20 family and friends can spread out between the alfresco dining and lounging areas. The studio also redesigned stairways to make moving from one deck to another a bit easier. Still aboard, of course, are sliding glass doors to each side of the main deck, along with fold-down bulwarks (at top).

In addition, Hot Lab Yacht & Design created five interior configurations to appeal to varying needs. With each, the indoor aesthetic of the Arcadia 100+ complements the outdoor aesthetic. In other words, simple, contemporary looks inside pair well with the thoroughly modern styling. Materials include oak with ebony accents, along with leathers and natural fabrics. To keep a warm feeling, the five designs use tones like sand, cream, and grey. The solar panels can remain visible, or be partly concealed as seen at top, too. There’s an additional benefit for Arcadia Yachts, too, and its customers. Five design schemes mean shorter execution times.

Arcadia Yachts plans to reveal more about the Arcadia 100+ in the coming months.

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