Milestone for 64 Steel at Sanlorenzo

She still has more than a year to go before launch. But, the 64 Steel checked a significant step off her must-do list at Sanlorenzo in late June. She became a united form, seeing her hull and superstructure come together.

The shipyard shared the news, and the above photo of the process, with its Facebook fans on June 30. The largest Sanlorenzo superyacht (so far), the 64 Steel measures 210 feet (64 meters). She’s the big sister to the 52 Steel, which has seen one delivery and two more sales thus far.

This first 64 Steel is still pretty much a secret. The Italian yard has revealed just scant details so far. For example, to put her voluminous nature into perspective, she displaces 1,500 gross tons. Since her steel hull employs a displacement form, she’s expected to achieve a maximum speed of 17 knots, with twin Caterpillar diesels. That same speed should be possible, by the way, with the alternate engine choice, MTUs. Unfortunately, Sanlorenzo hasn’t said what the first 64 Steel will see in terms of range. Regardless, a megayacht of this magnitude is meant for transatlantic travel.

Furthermore, Sanlorenzo hasn’t said whether the owner of this first 64 Steel selected the six- or seven-stateroom configuration. Neither do we know what interior-design firm is collaborating with the owner, nor what the personally requested design highlights are.

However, renderings that Sanlorenzo released to promote the series reveal a few spots in which to soak and relax. The largest is a swimming pool situated on the aft deck. That same pool serves as a skylight for the beach club. Louvers overhead in the beach club can provide a bit of privacy to swimmers and lounging guests alike. Speaking of privacy, a seating area faces the helipad on the foredeck. The 64 Steel offers a hot tub flanked by sunpads on the uppermost deck, plus another tub a deck below, perhaps for the master suite.

Work will continue on the 64 Steel for her debut in 2019.

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