Project Redwood Revealed in More Detail

If Project Redwood illustrated here looks big, it’s because she is. In build for a 2019 delivery, she measures 456 feet (139 meters). Now two years since her signing became public, Nuvolari-Lenard, handling all aspects of design, is divulging more.

“All aspects of design” means the initial concept along with styling and interior design. Dramatic bow flare lends a classic look. Her long decks, meanwhile, do a good job of making Project Redwood look relatively low-profile, considering she seems to have at least six decks. Among those six decks are 20 staterooms, for an owner’s party of 36.

That head count means that Project Redwood is complying with the requirements of the Passenger Yacht Code. It’s a superyacht-specific regulation for passenger totals between 13 and 36 people. Created a few years ago, it applies to both private yachts and yachts available for charter. The existing regulatory standards and requirements were developed for commercial vessels like cargo ships and cruise ships or ferries. Therefore, with the number of big megayachts increasing, it was increasingly clear that the one-size-fits-all approach just didn’t work.

What is working, though, is the relationship between Nuvolari-Lenard and the other Project Redwood parties. The steel-hulled megayacht is under construction at Lürssen and managed by Moran Yacht & Ship. The trio previously collaborated on Quatroelle, delivered in 2013.

When Project Redwood sees delivery, she’ll offer plenty of close-to-the-water fun. In the profile above, you can see a tender tucked in her blue hull. Nuvolari-Lenard says she’ll carry “a number of very large tenders,” in fact. Each measures 49 feet (15 meters). They’ll serve several different purposes. So, too, will two helicopters. In addition, Project Redwood will have a kitted-out sports and diving center. Guests can opt to go swimming instead of diving—but not necessarily only in the ocean. A big swimming pool will sit close by on the lower deck. The overall surrounding deck design will also provide some protection from Mother Nature.

We should learn more about the megayacht as construction progresses.

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