Pacific Provider Introducing Luxury Yacht Charters to New Consumers

One of the more rugged-looking megayachts around, Pacific Provider is introducing luxury yacht charter to luxury travelers new to the personal, private experience. Specifically, she’s focused on adventure-oriented trips in Mexico, the type of expeditions gaining popularity across all types of travel. What’s more, she’s doing so by taking individual stateroom reservations as well as full-yacht bookings.

Measuring 160 feet, Pacific Provider is also one of the more famous conversion projects in yachting. She started out in 1978 as an offshore supply vessel. A yearlong refit from 2007 to 2008 turned her into a slightly softer-looking but no less adventurous cruiser. A refit again in 2013 kept her luxury appeal as well as her technical aptitude.

Pacific Provider is targeting newcomers thanks to the people behind Offshore Outpost Expeditions. The company’s CEO, David Mullen, is a former naval officer who, interesting enough, earned an MBA while globetrotting on various adventures. If there’s any doubt as to how serious he and his co-founders are about introducing expedition travel to more people, “CEO” doesn’t stand for Chief Executive Officer. It stands for Chief Expedition Officer.

Pacific Provider megayacht luxury yacht charter

Together, they believe Pacific Provider is an ideal platform. For example, she’s smaller and therefore draws less than a cruise ship. That, in turn, allows her to pull into more remote areas. With just six staterooms onboard, plus a 2:1 guest-to-crew ratio, Pacific Provider treats guests to a truly different onboard experience than they’ve had before.

Of course, given that she’s set for luxury yacht charter, Pacific Provider is all about going “beyond the destination,” as Offshore Outpost Expeditions puts it. Starting in late November, she’ll cruise the Sea of Cortez with tailored, flexible itineraries. Swim with sea lions, for example, and consult the crewmembers about the best places to spot flora and fauna. Each hand has personal knowledge of the region.

Offshore Outpost Expeditions anticipates appealing to individuals, couples, families (including multiple generations), and more. Corporate luxury yacht charters are possible, too.

Check the website for inaugural special cruises, and rates. Offshore Outpost Expeditions anticipates adding another destination to Pacific Provider’s itineraries in the coming months.

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