Introducing Westport Yacht Charters

Westport Shipyards is already well known for offering four semi-custom megayacht models. It also has a well-known brokerage division. Now add megayacht charters to its varied services. Westport Yacht Charters will let clients and captains offer their yachts in a variety of destinations worldwide. Similarly, it will introduce potential new buyers to the Washington State builder.

Westport Yacht Charters megayacht specialist Kim VickeryAny number of brokers, as well as shipyard chief staff, can tell you stories about how some of their yacht-owning clients took their first steps into big-boat territory by chartering. It affords the opportunity to see how spaces should flow for most efficient crew traffic, for instance, as well as guest enjoyment. It also affords a chance to see what the level of service should be all about. Daryl Wakefield, president of Westport Yachts, acknowledges this testing of the market in talking about Kim Vickery (left), who now heads Westport Yacht Charters. “She adds another dimension to our very successful team,” he says. He adds, “As we grow our program to expand and strengthen our services for our clients, Kim’s experience and knowledge will greatly add to Westport’s commitment to better serve our client base.”

Vickery has about two decades of experience in charter. A Florida native, she entered the yacht-charter business from private air charters. Among the companies she’s worked for: Koch, Newton & Partners, where she created the charter division in 2000. For the past several years, Vickery has headed HMY Yachts’ charter division. She helped establish it, in fact. She also had a strong focus on helping the brokerage house’s clients grow into larger yachts.

Vickery brings both that and her knowledge of popular cruising destinations to Westport Yacht Charters. She will additionally guide Westport owners and captains in terms of charter marketing. Westport’s current megayacht series lineup includes the 112, the 125 (the newest model, premiering in 2016), the 130, and the 164.

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