Megayacht News Onboard: Vertige, by Tankoa Yachts

More megayacht owners these days seem to understand they can still enjoy commodious, customized spaces while keeping within the 500-gross-ton mark. The owner of Vertige is one of them. Measuring 163’7” (49.9 meters), the Tankoa Yachts-built megayacht is certainly large. She also puts her own spin on deck configurations, fully following her owner’s desires versus a “that’s the way it’s always been done” approach. In the process, she’s captured both his heart as well as that of charter guests. Equally noteworthy, Tankoa’s adherence to deadlines yet openness to changes left the experienced project manager “speechless.”

To wit, 26 months passed from contract signing to delivery. Date of sale to date of launch was nearly two years to the day, too. As for the owner, he spent two full months onboard immediately following delivery in May. Then, charter guests kept Vertige well occupied straight through to the Monaco Yacht Show in September, where the yacht premiered.

Tankoa Yachts megayacht Vertige

Profile features responsible for the strong attraction include a plumb bow and significant-size glass panes. In fact, the owner instructed Francesco Paszkowski Design to ensure visual contact with the surroundings everywhere possible. The design studio even eliminated seemingly minor obstructions. “We removed the aft toerails to free up the view, and sunk the glass surfaces into the superstructure,” Paszkowski explains.

Tankoa Yachts megayacht Vertige

Capacious alfresco areas were of utmost importance to the owner of Vertige. He got it in spades on the sundeck. Fourteen people can dine together aft, while nearly two dozen can gather on the wrap-around settees. A TV swivels into view when wanted. Speaking of views, guests can see straight out to shore while seated at the bar. Only sunpads and a hot tub (see top of page) lie forward on the sundeck, rimmed with glass windscreens.


Vertige megayacht Tankoa Yachts Tankoa Yachts megayacht Vertige

Still on the subject of views, Vertige’s owner enjoys enviable ones thanks to two balconies off the full-beam master suite. That beam: 30’8” (9.4 meters). He wanted VIPs to enjoy excellent views, too. Therefore, a second suite sits just aft of the master. (Four additional staterooms sit on the lower deck.) It’s comparable to the owner’s suite, though not identical. Regardless, given Vertige’s LOA, you might expect the saloon or dining area (below left) to suffer floor space. Neither does. Furthermore, neither does the crew suffer. They have dedicated passages to go about their duties on all decks. (Editor’s note: Click either photo to enlarge.)

Tankoa Yachts megayacht Vertige Tankoa Yachts megayacht Vertige

Skylounges are aboard so many megayachts, yet get so little use. Vertige avoids that issue by making the room more of a home cinema (above right). Simultaneously, the look and feel is in keeping with that of the rest of the yacht, for cohesiveness. Francesco Paszkowski Design and Margherita Casprini paired textures and tones, like matte-finished, bleached teak and high-gloss rosewood. Leathers and fabrics pick up the same tones, too. (Editor’s note: Click either photo to enlarge.)

From the above-mentioned features to a gym at sea level versus a beach club, Vertige veers off the expected megayacht path. She even has a wine display, with the vintage that inspired her name, outside the master suite. The all-aluminum yacht departs from the ordinary solely for enhancing pleasure, without impacting performance. Indeed, the twin MTUs permit a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 12 knots, and a 14-knot cruise at half load. Interestingly, though, her construction departed from the norm—at least in her project manager’s opinion. Indeed, Albert McIlroy avers, “the yard made incredible progress in managing deadlines and production work.” The result: “a Teutonic approach so unusual for an Italian yard that it left me speechless.” He adds, “It’s probably the first time that I’ve seen build times respected while maintaining the incredible flexibility that Tankoa’s becoming known for.”

There’s more to see of Vertige. Click on any of the images below to launch a larger view. You can then scroll through the images one by one.

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