Vertige, Newest Tankoa, Exceeds Expectations

Sea trials typically confirm contract expectations. In the case of Vertige, they proved surprising, in a good way. She exceeded her contractual requirements. What’s more, Vertige did so in sloppy seas. Started on paper as the Tankoa S501, and signed in 2015, the full-displacement, all-aluminum megayacht measures 164 feet (49.99 meters). The intention was to Continue reading

Vertige on the Verge of Delivery

Two years after her contract signing, Vertige is floating on her lines in Italy. The second project built by Tankoa Yachts, she’ll be in her owner’s hands by April. Commissioned by a French owner, the all-aluminum megayacht prioritizes guests’ ability to access all relaxation areas without disturbing crew activity. Simultaneously, crewmembers’ needs to do their Continue reading