Power Play Poised for Your Adventures This Summer

Planning global adventures, and weighing which builder can help you achieve them? The latest Damen Yacht Support vessel, Power Play, will be ready to step in to the role this summer. The 182-foot (55.5-meter) project, a spec build, is the sixth in an already proven series.

Power Play belongs to the YS 5009 Damen Yacht Support range. Her predecessors include Ad-Vantage, for instance, which saw delivery in 2010. They also include Axis (ex-Fast and Furious), finished in 2016. For additional perspective, consider that Damen has a combination of a dozen Yacht Support vessels overall out on the water or under construction. Some cruise in tandem with a more traditional megayacht, carrying big tenders, submarines, and/or additional guests and staff. Others are primary cruisers themselves, proving that there’s change afoot in recreational activities.

Mark Vermeulen, Damen’s product director, says his team has certainly seen it. “It’s inspiring to see how a new generation of owners is driving this market,” he explains. “It’s not the conventional thinking about luxury yachting.” The owners attracted to projects like Power Play are quite intent on having quest-like experiences, Vermeulen adds. “They are planning adventures of a lifetime and even getting involved in underwater exploration, science, filmmaking, or racing-yacht events.”

Damen Yacht Support megayacht Power Play

Some of those adventures include diving all over the world. To that end, the Damen Yacht Support team decided to equip Power Play with what it calls an adventure center/dive center (above). Measuring 538 square feet (50 square meters), it’s conveniently just inside the transom. Abundant stowage space exists not just for dive gear, but also watertoys like surfboards, SeaBobs, and more. An on-deck crane can launch and retrieve a dive boat and other big tenders.

Further for exploring globally, Power Play has systems mindful of no-discharge zones. Naturally, she can remain autonomous for weeks at a time, too. This way, your party of six and crew of seven have peace of mind. (Should you enter regions requiring pilots, or want to bring a nature guide aboard, Power Play has four extra berths.) Enjoy the views wherever you travel from inside the main deck or out on the sundeck.

Though Damen does not disclose range or the propulsion package, it does say Power Play can exceed 20 knots.

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