Power Play, Taking Yacht Support to the Next Level

Don’t be fooled by her pretty blue paint job. Power Play is all business when it comes to her owners’ adventurous side. The sixth delivery in the Damen Yacht Support range, she’s 182 feet (55.5 meters) of serious pursuits—pursuits of fun, that is.

The clients so far who’ve commissioned Yacht Support projects are diverse. Some, for example, use the vessels as true support craft, accompanying their more traditional white yachts. They therefore have the craft carry additional toys, crew, and more. Other owners, though, see the Yacht Support as a primary yacht in her own right. The owner of Power Play shares this vision.

Damen Yacht Support Power Play superyacht

Actually, the 182-footer (55.5-meter) serves dual roles. While she will set off on solo cruises, she will occasionally also accompany another yacht. Because of this, Power Play has a mix of luxury spaces, including staterooms, as well as adventure-oriented facilities and gear. Six guests, including kids, can stay in three staterooms, plus enjoy each other’s company in a saloon and out on deck. (Launch the photo gallery below to see some of these areas.) 

In terms of adventure, Power Play has equipment and features some previous Yacht Support deliveries don’t. For instance, 538 square feet (50 square meters) aft is devoted to what Amels, which markets the projects on behalf of Damen, terms an Adventure Center/Dive Center. Dive bottles and gear, toys, you name it; the shipyard tailors the space to hold what’s needed. In addition, Power Play has equipment allowing her to visit sensitive environmental areas, especially no-discharge zones, without impacting them.

Because diving destinations are on her itinerary, Power Play can further host marine biologists and guides. Four berths are set aside for them, among the seven dedicated to crew. If she’ll scout locations ahead of her mothership, she’ll do so quickly. Power Play reportedly exceeds 20 knots.

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