Why Deep Blue Is for You

Whether or not your yacht charters, she’s a lot like a floating business. Employees (crew) get paid to run her, expenses need tracking, and more. If you or your management company is using Excel spreadsheets to manage the money flow, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Tailor-designed software exists for yachts. What’s more, easy-to-use, tailor-made software exists. Deep Blue’s software is a good example, already used by more than 100 megayachts and dozens of managers worldwide.

Part of what makes Deep Blue so popular is its simplicity. The creators follow the “keep it simple” principle. Therefore, they strive to make the software particularly usable by non-techy people. In addition, any number of people you designate can use it on desktop or mobile devices, even onboard. Online access goes through secure dedicated servers. Onboard access goes server-direct; no Internet connection needed.

Depending on your needs, Deep Blue offers three packages. The Pro package covers one yacht. It’s good for a small operation where the captain or one other person handles most administrative management duties. The Fleet package covers multiple boats, ideal for yacht managers. It even provides the option of unlimited yacht accounts. Finally, the Custom package opens the door to yachts with multiple rules and settings. It’s also suitable for new builds under construction, since Deep Blue can work with the shipyard to create various warranty categories.

Regardless of package, Deep Blue lets you and your team go beyond just tracking expenses. It includes modules for maintenance and inventory, for example. There are also modules for tracking itineraries and events you attend (for example, regattas). In addition, you can track crew work schedules and rest days, especially for MLC compliance. The latest software version adds a number of upgrades for chief engineers. They can create custom maintenance programs with nitty-gritty details. Ultimately, Deep Blue simplifies the administrative duties and keeps communication lines open around the clock.

Deep Blue regularly solicits feedback from the managers and crew who use its software. Capt. Daniel Sola of Madame Kate sings its praises. He and his crew began using it while the 197-foot (60-meter) megayacht was still in build at Amels. Three years later, “it clearly saves us valuable time and paperwork,” he says. “I wouldn’t be able anymore to operate such a yacht with 18 crewmembers without Deep Blue, which made us work in a much more professional way.”

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