PHOTO: Tom van Oossanen

Feadship Anna’s Tight Squeeze: VIDEO

What’s a yacht builder to do when the beam of a new megayacht nearly equates the width of a lock she has to transit? Take it slow and steady, just as the Feadship Anna did this weekend.

As you’ll see in the video below, Anna, a.k.a. Feadship project 1007, isn’t just a healthy length, 361 feet (110 meters). This largest-ever yacht from the Dutch builder is further beamy. The team from the social media channel Dutch Yachting, which shot the video, estimate she’s around 59 feet (about 18 meters). That’s the width of the Houtrib Locks, located in Lelystad, The Netherlands, through which she passed. At nearly the two-minute mark in the video, Anna isascloseasthis to the lock sides. Of course, once the yacht reached Amsterdam (see above), she had plenty of elbow room.

Unfortunately, other than “project 1007” and her LOA, little else is public about this yacht. Among the few details known: The Feadship Anna has dramatic styling by Michael Leach Design. This is the third Feadship for the design studio, in fact. The most striking aspects of the styling are surely the eye-shaped surrounds that encompass two decks on each side. Inside, Brian J. McCarthy, a residential designer based in New York, is incorporating personal touches for the owner.

In addition, construction of Anna took place at the Royal de Vries facility in Makkum. Last month, the yacht needed to exit her build shed for proper fitting of her towering navigation mast. Her overall height was nearly that of the shed, before the mast was even onboard.

While Feadship and others involved in her design and build are keeping mum, the builder did pledge to reveal more information at a later date. Perhaps it will confirm something a few yacht watchers assume, that being Anna is for a repeat customer. A 220-footer (67-meter) from about a decade ago bears the same name.

Watch as tugboats carefully guide Anna through the locks, much like a seamstress threads a needle.

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