Kiboko Tres Departs Southern Wind for Home

The “tres” time is the charm for the owner of Kiboko Tres. This SW105 is his third delivery from Southern Wind Shipyard. En route to her home port of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, she will serve as a family cruiser and competitive racer.

Kiboko Tres sailing superyacht

At nearly 106 feet (32.27 meters), Kiboko Tres is the owner’s largest Southern Wind. Previously, he had a 72. For performance, his SW105 is a bit different than the first in the yard’s series, Satisfaction, delivered earlier this year. Kiboko Tres has an open transom and a wide stance aft. Twin rudders, two percent more sail area, and a fixed keel all contribute, too. Furthermore, Farr Yacht Design called for 3 tons more weight in the keel. (On yet another related note, the fixed keel makes draft 14’8”, or 4.5 meters.) They all suit a project made for superyacht regattas. Better yet, they suit one named for the Swahili word for “hippopotamus” (“kiboko”), which is anything but a lumbering giant. Hippos can outrun humans, in fact.

Inside, Kiboko Tres is just as adept at accommodating the owner’s family. Nauta Yachts says the owner’s directive here was “show, don’t hide.” Therefore, furnishings aren’t incorporated the way they are on other yachts. Instead, they essentially float, suspended from the yacht’s structure. This shows off curves and other shapes of the yacht. Similarly, structural bulkheads remain exposed. “We lightened and simplified the interior furnishings and left the interior hull sides and bulkheads exposed for a result that is beautiful and innovative,” says Massimo Gino of Nauta Yachts.

Kiboko Tres sailing superyacht

Pale oak paneling, along with white and light-blue fabrics, keep Kiboko Tres light and bright inside. The design elements flow from the raised saloon through to the four staterooms, including the master suite. Twenty-four feet (7.31 meters) of beam also help, of course. The end result is “a place to spend precious time with my large family and completely disconnect from our daily commitments,” the owner says.

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