Canova, Baltic 142, to Play Speed Spoiler With Foil

Should the owner of Canova decide to enter a superyacht regatta, the competition will be in his wake. Thanks to being the first superyacht with a special foil, this Baltic Yachts build could see 25 knots while fully loaded in flat-calm conditions in 25 knots of true wind. Simultaneously, Canova should be a much more Continue reading

Kiboko Tres Departs Southern Wind for Home

The “tres” time is the charm for the owner of Kiboko Tres. This SW105 is his third delivery from Southern Wind Shipyard. En route to her home port of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, she will serve as a family cruiser and competitive racer. At nearly 106 feet (32.27 meters), Kiboko Tres is the owner’s largest Continue reading

Seatius Embodies Faster, Higher, & Stronger Spirit

Latin is a dead language to some. However, to Southern Wind Shipyard and the owners of Seatius, it’s alive and well. The name of the newest SW96 is a play on the Latin word citius, meaning “faster.” Furthermore, she departed the yard with the staff wishing her “Citius! Altius! Fortius!” Translated, this means “Faster! Higher! Continue reading