Feadship Makkum Expanding: New Shed, New Workshops

Thirteen years after it became the third Feadship yard, De Vries Scheepsbouw Makkum, a.k.a. Feadship Makkum, is growing. Eleven months from now, the yard expects to open a new construction hall. Simultaneously, some existing facilities are undergoing renovation, benefitting customers and craftspeople.

Currently, Feadship Makkum has one build shed. Measuring 182 meters long by 37 meters wide (597 feet by 121 feet), it handles large megayachts. In addition, it has a drydock, 120 meters long by 19 meters wide (394 feet by 62 feet). Depth, meanwhile, is 7 meters (23 feet). Rising to the left of Dock Hall A, the existing shed, Dock Hall B will allow addressing two large projects at once. The new dimensions: 166 meters long by 37 meters wide (545 feet by 121 feet). Its drydock is 140 meters long by 21.5 meters wide (459 feet by 70 feet). It’s slightly deeper, too, at 8 meters (26 feet). Therefore, Feadship Makkum can accommodate longer and beamier yachts.

The yard is expanding clearly due to Feadship’s order book, which contains some significant LOAs. But, it’s also expanding for other reasons. It will permit more regular work for employees and subcontractors. With two adjacent sheds, Feadship Makkum can have painters tackling one yacht while electricians and other specialists tackle another, having recently wrapped up work on the nearly finished yacht.

Henk De Vries, co-director of Feadship, adds that the family business is keeping the community’s families in mind, too. “We find it crucial to secure the future for generations to come,” he explains. “The community of Makkum has very close ties with this yard.” In fact, he says, some are direct employees, while others are neighbors of employees.

Those employees should see their ranks grow, too. Feadship Makkum anticipates adding 75 full-time jobs on site, for instance. Some should appreciate the new workshops and offices joining the sheds as well. They’re going between Dock Hall A and Dock Hall B. Two longstanding structures there, including the former woodshop, will remain, however. Feadship is renovating them to retain their classic character.

The Feadship Makkum expansion complements yet another expansion elsewhere in The Netherlands. Feadship Amsterdam opens next year.

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