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WATCH: Spinera Endless Ride Puts a Spin on Fun

Sealed Air Repairs may be known for servicing and fixing inflatable watertoys. But, it also sells them. The company founder, Mark Anastasia, is co-founder of the retailer FunAir, and still retains an ownership share. Keeping his eyes on both ends of the market therefore means he stays on top of trends. A relatively new towable is one such trend, he says. The Spinera Endless Ride is for owners and guests of megayachts big and small.

Spinera makes a variety of towing toys. In brief, the Spinera Endless Ride is a large, self-rotating tube, available in two versions. Hook up the tow line to a PWC or a boat, and you’re off. You can use a PWC if you select the smaller model, made for four to six riders. Go for the bigger model, towable via boat, if you want to take eight to 12 friends out for thrill rides. Interestingly, Spinera produced this bigger version first, introducing the smaller one earlier this year. Furthermore, the manufacturer exhibited the toy at some overseas boat shows for the first time, to strong interest.

Through companies like Sealed Air Repairs, the Spinera Endless Ride should attract even more interest. Regardless of which model you choose, thrill rides really do await. Check out the action in the video above. Note, too, that the Spinera Endless Ride has plenty of sturdy handles around its perimeter so that everyone can hang on. In addition, PVC construction means it’s pretty sturdy.

Sealed Air Repairs has the four-to-six passenger as well as eight-to-12 passenger models in stock. If you’re heading to the Caribbean for the season, the company says it can ship the towable for receipt within about a week. Pricing: $3,495 for the small towable, and $4,695 for the large one. Both come in a combination of teal, gray, and white colors.

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