Giovanni Ceccarelli Pens 2 Rosetti Supply Yacht Concepts

A sailing-yacht designer behind an America’s Cup contender as well as a Louis Vuitton Cup racer has created two new motoryacht concepts for Rosetti Superyachts. He’s Giovanni Ceccarelli, and the proposals are each part of the shipyard’s Supply Yacht offerings.

Ceccarelli, born and raised in Ravenna, Italy, has a long history of designing sailing craft. He’s perhaps most famous, though, for Mascalzone Latino. She was the challenger of record in 2003 for the 31st America’s Cup. For the 32nd edition of the race, he headed design for +39 Challenge. That same studio created a competitor for the 2007 edition of the Louis Vuitton Cup. As to why he penned two motoryachts, Ceccarelli says it stems from “my desire to work with a shipyard that I know very well, as it is based in my own home town.” It also stems from “my longstanding friendship with Fulvio Dodich,” Rosetti Superyachts’ partner and chairman.

Rosetti Superyachts 50M Supply Vessel megaycht Ceccarelli design

Ceccarelli further says the designs, a 35M Supply Vessel (below) and a 50M Supply Vessel (above), “are not simply exercises in ‘redressing’ a standardized platform.” In fact, he explains, both are similar to sailing-yacht designs, in that the hulls and superstructures “are inextricably linked to give continuity to the whole.” Furthermore, the 35M Supply Vessel (115-footer) and 50M Supply Vessel (164-footer) eschew unnecessary design features, stressing function over fuss.

These two designs join a few other supply-vessel proposals from Rosetti. For example, the 48M Supply Vessel and 52M Supply Vessel, inspired by biomimicry, are among them. As Dodich explains, “The brand mission of Rosetti Superyachts is to provide our clients with as much flexibility as possible by offering a wide range of different proposals.”

Of course, every proposal, including the ones from Ceccarelli, is open to customization. However, buyers should appreciate the designer’s suggestions. Both yachts, for example, can have an upper-deck owners’ suite, boasting 180-degree views aft. A private alfresco area complements this suite, too. In addition, both the 35M Supply Vessel and the 50M Supply Vessel have open-play layouts on the main deck. In other words, the saloon and dining areas flow seamlessly from one to the other. Furthermore, buyers should appreciate how each project remains beneath the 500-gross-ton threshold.

Rosetti Superyachts 35M Supply Vessel megaycht Ceccarelli design

Twin MAN diesel engines, in combination with hull designs borrowing hydrodynamic-resistance principles from racing sailboats, should permit comfortable cruising. While Rosetti Superyachts doesn’t disclose anticipated performance numbers, both yachts should see transatlantic range. They should keep weight down, too, due to fiberglass top decks and aluminum superstructures. They can serve as primary yachts or as support yachts, too.

Either way, they both have abundant toy space. The Rosetti 35M Supply Vessel, with a 27-foot (8.25-meter) beam, can keep a primary tender as well as a personal sub on her aft deck. The sub sits on the covering for an attractive infinity pool when it’s not in use. Meanwhile, the Rosetti 50M Supply Vessel has a nearly 33-foot (10-meter) beam, with a split-level main deck. More tenders and toys, including a mini sub once again, can come aboard. They can further come aboard in a tender garage, separate from a beach club.

With accommodations for eight guests below decks, each project offers plenty of opportunity for further tailoring.

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