Huckins Yacht Offering Custom Yacht Tender

Huckins Yacht is renowned for being one of the oldest family-owned and continuously operating boatbuilders in the United States. In fact, since 1928 it has been building a variety of custom boats—but not ones associated with the megayacht market.

Until now.

Huckins Yacht has a new 36-foot megayacht tender. If you’re familiar with the Florida-based builder’s offerings, you might notice a resemblance between the retro-styled megayacht tender and the Huckins Sportsman 36, one of its popular models. While they share the same profile, the tender has a different arrangement. For example, a dive platform can be added. The interior can be set up for shuttling supplies to and from shore, or for taking guests ashore in luxury. She can also be painted to match the megayacht to which she’ll belong. But really, given that all Huckins Yacht launches are completely custom, the differences can be infinite.

Something that won’t change, however, is the Quadraconic hull, constructed of fiberglass. A patented design created by Huckins’ founder, Frank Pembroke Huckins, the Quadraconic hull has four cone-shape sections, a sharp entry, and a flat aft section. It mixes the beneficial design characteristics of displacement and planing hulls: planing at lower speeds, resisting roll, and consuming low amounts of fuel.

As for those speeds, Huckins says the Huckins megayacht tender can achieve 30 knots or better with a variety of propulsion systems. These include engines with traditional shaft drives, waterjets, or pod drives, and even hybrid systems.

To obtain more information directly from Huckins about the 36-foot megayacht tender, please fill out our contact form.

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