PHOTO: South Florida Dive Journal

Triton Submarines Now Offering Luxury Subs for Charter

PHOTO: South Florida Dive Journal

Come the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show later this month, you can not only inspect Triton Submarines’ newest personal subs, but also learn about its new charter service. Triton Submarines has created Triton Submarine Charters, to partner with megayacht charter managers and captains looking to give guests a little more adventure.

Presently Florida-based Triton Submarine Charters has two subs that it will deliver directly to yachts worldwide. Because of the novelty of the concept, and because of the limited number of subs, plan ahead if you’re interested. “It may be possible to arrange charters on very short notice if the boats are local (Fort Lauderdale, Miami, etc.) and we can get the subs to the vessel from Triton,” Marc Deppe, vice president of sales and marketing for Triton Submarines, says. “The reality is that in most cases, a few weeks will be necessary at an absolute minimum in order to ship and plan for required crew, etc.” In terms of that crew, Triton Submarine Charters will provide a pilot, a surface officer, and a technician. “In some cases, we may also provide a RIB, a RIB pilot, and a diver,” Deppe adds. “This would only be if the vessel lacked the RIB or crew.”

While Triton Submarine Charters obviously provides trained personnel, passengers don’t need any training. They do receive pre-dive briefings, of course. The two subs available can both dive to 1,000-foot depths but have different capacities. One can take a pilot plus two passengers, while the other takes a pilot plus one passenger.

The charter period is a minimum of two weeks, quoted per day plus the costs for shipping, staff, and specialty equipment. (It’s akin to the “plus expenses” rates that are traditional in yacht charter.) There’s no maximum charter period, so it’s easy to imagine a megayacht wanting to entertain a variety of guests at least part of a season.

In fact, SuRi is doing exactly that in Antarctica starting this December. She’ll have a Triton sub aboard as part of bookings made via Henry Cookson Adventures, which specializes in off-the-beaten-track travel.

Expect Triton Submarine Charters to add more subs as they become available. Deppe anticipates at least one capable of diving to 3,300 feet to join the fleet in about a year.

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