RMK Marine Touting Composite Megayacht Construction

RMK Marine is known for constructing metal-hulled megayachts, such as the 148-foot (45-meter) Karia and 171-foot (52-meter) Nazenin V. While it also has experience in composite construction, RMK Marine hasn’t made much ado about it. Until now.

For the past few years, RMK Marine has been a subcontractor for Oyster Yachts, constructing the all-composite Oyster 125 and Oyster 100 megayachts. The Oyster 125 is particularly noteworthy, because her hull set an impressive record when it was constructed in 2010. It employed the largest single continuous resin-infusion process: close to 6.3 tons of resin in four hours.

RMK Marine plans to make more use of its dedicated composite-construction facilities in Istanbul. The goal is to build megayachts to 164 feet (50 meters) via a variety of fiberglass-layup techniques. The facilities include a 131-foot-long (40-meter-long) post-cure oven, which can be extended for larger projects. There’s also a 236-foot-long (72-meter-long) manufacturing shop.

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