Heesen Pulls a Hat Trick: Adds 3 Megayacht Models

A few months after the 65M FDHF emerged from its shed and the 42M FDHF with a Hull Vane was unveiled, Heesen Yachts is debuting three additional new designs. All are variations on existing designs, including the ones just mentioned.

The largest of the three new megayachts is the steel-hulled 55M FDHF, a 180-footer (55 meters, hence the name). As a reminder, FDHF stands for Fast Displacement Hull Form, a design by Van Oossanen Naval Architects that’s more fuel efficient than traditional round-bilge, hard-chine hull forms. It incorporates design features that have a large effect on hydrodynamic resistance over the whole speed range, rather than just top speed. The features specifically targeted include the area of the immersed transom, bulbous bow, trim control, and spray rails. The FHDH is also a bit narrower than traditional yacht hulls. Beam is 31’5” (9.6 meters),  which is about two feet narrower than others of this LOA. Performance-wise, twin MTUs should permit a 16-knot top end at half load, according to Heesen. At 12 knots, she should see a 4,500-nautical-mile range.

Other highlights of Heesen’s 55M FDHF include accommodations for 12 in the owner’s party. Heesen is suggesting a full-beam owner’s suite and full-beam VIP cabin in addition to two doubles and two twins. Ultimately, of course, a buyer will be able to customize the megayacht’s layout. Heesen further suggests a 1,184-square-foot (110-square-meter) sundeck and 753-square-foot (70-square-meter) helipad for touch-and-go operations.

The second new design is a 148-footer (45-meter), pictured above, which embraces the sport-yacht looks that put Heesen on the map many years ago. She bears styling by Omega Architects, which also styled the FDHF just mentioned. The all-aluminum megayacht should make quick work of island-hopping, boasting an anticipated top speed of 30 knots under light load. That speed will come from twin MTU 16V 4000 M73Ls; optional MTU 16V 4000 M93Ls should add a knot to the top speed. With speed dialed down to 12 knots, which is closer to what she’ll run at most of the time anyway, given fuel prices these days, the yacht should enjoy a range of 2,750 nautical miles.

Regardless of power package, in keeping with the spirit of other sport yachts, the 148-footer will have a good deal of deck space. Specifically, it’s 131 feet (40 meters), with 90 feet (30 meters) of interior relaxation space. The yacht will also be ABS-classed and have accommodations for 10.

While the third design, the steel-hulled 42M FDHF with Hull Vane (above), is technically not new, Heesen is revealing a look at the hull form (below) and some specifics for the first time, plus making an alternate version available. As previously revealed, the Hull Vane, developed by Van Oossanen, is a foil, a.k.a. a wing-like structure positioned beneath the hull to reduce drag and create thrust, plus improve stability in some sea conditions. Heesen says she’ll have a top speed of 14.5 knots (half load) and cruise at 12 knots when powered by twin MTU 12V 2000 M61 diesels. In addition, Heesen now says that at 12 knots, the yacht should see a 30-percent reduction in fuel consumption in comparison to same-size, traditionally hulled yachts. With optional twin MTU 12V 2000 M72s and the Hull Vane foil, the yacht should see a 15.9-knot maximum speed. Range at 12 knots with either propulsion package is expected to be 4,000 nautical miles, which the shipyard says is better than that of comparably sized megayachts.

As for the alternate version, Heesen is making the 42M FDHF design available without a Hull Vane. In that case, the top and cruise speeds as well as range, all with the same standard and optional engines, drop a bit. Half-load top speed with standard power is 14 knots, 15.4 knots with the higher-horsepower engines. Range at 12 knots is reduced to 3,250 nautical miles. Regardless, each of these figures is still quite respectable.

Whether with or without the Hull Vane, the Heesen 42M FDHF will be classed to ABS and have accommodations for 10 in the owner’s party.

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