PHOTO: Dick Holthuis

Laurentia, by Heesen Yachts: Sunday Superyacht Video

If you like symmetrical numbers, you’re in for a treat with Laurentia. Coincidentally, this 55-meter megayacht has a 55-square-meter beach club. (Fifty-five meters in length equates 180 feet. Fifty-five square meters, meanwhile, is 592 square feet.) There’s more to Laurentia than just her beach club, of course. You get a armchair tour of a few Continue reading

Project Cosmos and the Fibonacci Sequence: New Interior Details

What does a mathematical series have to do with megayacht interior design? Suffice it to say that the Fibonacci sequence plays a role in how Project Cosmos will look come delivery in 2022. Set to be the world’s largest all-aluminum yacht with conventional power, this Heesen will feature interior design by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design. Continue reading

Octopussy: 30th Anniversary of Record-Smashing Superyacht

In April of 1988, a 125-footer (38-meter) slid down the ways at Heesen Yachts. Certainly big for her time, the megayacht was even more noteworthy for her purpose. Her owner commissioned her to be the world’s fastest yacht. The owner: John Staluppi. The yacht: Octopussy. Thirty years later, Octopussy is still the stuff of legends. Continue reading