PHOTO: Billy Black

Newport Shipyard to Get Largest TraveLift in New England

PHOTO: Billy Black

Due to the increasing size of megayachts and their service needs, Newport Shipyard has ordered a 500-ton TraveLift. When it’s on site in June of next year, it will be largest marine lift in Rhode Island and indeed New England.

Newport Shipyard currently has a 300-ton TraveLift, which it’s been using for a dozen years for motoryachts and sailing yachts up to about 150 feet LOA (46 meters). While that hoist is still functional, Eli Dana, the dockmaster, says it prevents Newport Shipyard from being as competitive as it wishes. “We see a growing demand by superyachts wanting to visit our area, but without the capacity to be hauled for repair work, they go elsewhere,” he explains.

Indeed. Newport has long been the hub for the summer cruising season in the United State, for private and charter megayachts alike. The 500-ton TraveLift will therefore allow Newport Shipyard to attract more of them. The hoist will replace the 300-ton lift and complement an existing 100-ton lift used for smaller yachts.

Come next June, Newport Shipyard expects to use the new lift for both catamarans to 50 feet (15 meters) and megayachts to 200 feet (61 meters). The TraveLift will complement dock space for megayachts to 350 feet (107 meters). Other improvements are also taking place, including the installation of lights for emergency nighttime haulouts.

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