Egoist 100, for Superyacht Owners Sailing Solo

While every yacht starts with what an owner wants, sometimes there’s the problem of too many cooks spoiling the proverbial broth. In other words, the owner tries to please too many people—him- or herself, plus family, plus charter guests, plus eventual buyers on the resale market. Philippe Briand created the Egoist 100 to counter this. He designed the 100-foot sloop as “an owner’s self-indulgent fantasy.”

Given the length, crew accommodations are still aboard. But, the Egoist 100 has just one cabin for two hands. Briand envisions the owner as an experienced sailor with additional racing expertise. This is customary for him, having designed a number of performance sailing yachts over the years. In addition, the Egoist 100 is for someone wanting the superyacht experience without getting too complex.

Furthermore, the single crew cabin satisfies an owner who wants a simplified sailing experience for cruising. A full-beam master suite accompanies the saloon and open galley. (Beam is just shy of 20 feet.) The saloon contains two settees to welcome guests when wanted, plus a chart table. And that’s it. The Egoist 100 does not contain guest staterooms.

If you noticed the American flag at the transom, you received a hint as to another aspect of the Egoist 100. Briand designed her as his own version of classic cruisers plying the East Coast.

Of course, Briand wishes to develop the design further with an owner. This is why the interior arrangement can be customized. It’s also why equipment is open to buyer choice, too.

If you’re so inclined, a few more facts may pique your interest. Draft is 13 feet, and full displacement is 55 tons. The Egoist 100 is meant to be fast and responsive on the water, too. An asymmetrical spinnaker and code 0 are among the sails specified. Upwind sail area is about 4,628 square feet, while downwind is 10,226 square feet.

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