Sunday Superyacht Video: Superyacht Solo’s Melik Aquarium

When Tankoa Yachts premiered Solo at September’s Monaco Yacht Show, the 236-footer (77-meter) received a warm welcome from interested customers and media alike. The expanded winter garden, the relaxation-inducing vibe… several things stood out. Further standing out, this Melik aquarium.

Melik creates these ecosystems for fine homes as well as offices, not just superyachts. In terms of the latter, though, the company has about a decade’s worth of experience installing custom systems. They are indeed custom, too. Just as no two superyachts are really alike, no two aquariums can be alike.

It starts with the design. With the owner of Solo, the Melik aquarium team sat down with him to determine where he wanted it to appear. The team then went about ensuring not just a good appearance, but, equally important, a good maintenance routine. Remember, fish need food, and clean water periodically. Therefore, the crew needs to have good, relatively simple access. Furthermore, the crew needs to understand how to care for the fish and their environment. So, Melik aquarium specialists provide personal training. 

The Melik aquarium staff consists of more than just designers, too. Engineers and even biologists are part of the international company. (It has offices in London, Dubai, and Milan, which work with clients primarily in Europe, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.) Therefore, Solo’s owner had the opportunity to personally pick the plants and fish you see featured in this video.

If bringing a little bit of the ocean onboard strikes your fancy, you’ll enjoy the scenery.

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