5 Reasons Norway Is Rising for Luxury Yacht Vacations

Yacht owners and guests increasingly seek destinations outside of the typical ports. Norway is among the countries benefiting. In fact, according to Superyacht Norway, which promotes the southwestern fjords and assists yachts on various fronts, visits rose 40 percent this past summer. As a guest of the organization in August, I received a first-hand education as to why. In sum, Norway presents unparalleled opportunities for luxury yacht vacations. From abundant UNESCO World Heritage sites to the largest glacier in Europe, its natural wonders are astonishing. Furthermore, Superyacht Norway has hosts of specialists ready to tailor your experiences.

These five such experiences are among the many reasons why Norway is well suited to luxury yacht vacations.

superyacht Norway luxury yacht vacations

  1. Bergen. Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, is the starting point for several private cruises and charters. Shopping, dining, and history all come together here. They particularly do so in Bryggen (above). Bergen was a Hanseatic League office, with Bryggen playing a vital role. Unfortunately, fires over the centuries destroyed some of original wooden buildings dating to the 14th century. However, the rebuilt structures are true to the original design and materials. Elsewhere in Bergen, visit Arven (below), a jeweler with goldsmiths and silversmiths on site. Bergen is long famous for these materials. Arven can arrange private shopping experiences. It also offers special pricing for yacht owners and guests.

superyacht Norway luxury yacht vacations

  1. Fjords. Bergen is the gateway to the fjords. No luxury yacht vacations would be complete without transiting the Naerøyfjord (top). A UNESCO World Heritage site, the narrow Naerøyfjord is just northeast of Bergen. In addition, it’s among the world’s longest and deepest fjords. Waterfalls plunge down from the rocky peaks in several spots. Glaciers top those same peaks elsewhere.

superyacht Norway luxury yacht vacations

  1. Glacier hiking and kayaking. Speaking of glaciers, Norway is home to the largest glacier in Europe, Jostedal. The Nigardsbreen arm of Jostedal regularly welcomes hikers. Rainy weather turned away some yacht owners this summer. Days later, though, sunny skies greeted charter guests at another glacier, Folgefonna (above). They kayaked right up to it on the Insta Mosevatnet lake, enjoying a picnic lunch surrounded by the blue ice, too. Folgefonna is reachable via special arrangement from the port in the city of Rosendal.

superyacht Norway luxury yacht vacations

  1. Salmon fishing. Norwegian salmon is already world-famous. Try your hand fly-fishing for it on the Laerdal River, nicknamed the “queen of rivers.” Don’t know how? No problem. Owners on recent luxury yacht vacations enlisted the talents of Rolf Michelsen Bjørum. His family has run the tucked-away Moldebo fish camp, with cozy cabins on site (above), for generations.

superyacht Norway luxury yacht vacations

  1. Viking village. The TV drama Vikings has ignited global interest in Norsemen. Njardarheimr, along the Naerøyfjord, is a historically accurate Viking village (above). “Village” is the key word. It’s not just re-enactments. Indeed, the people who show you around live in the very quarters of the village. In addition, they make the clothes, raise the animals, and generally follow the 1,000-year-old footsteps of the Vikings. For a more exclusive experience, yacht owners and guests can request private tours, followed by a dinner reception in one of the village halls.

These natural and cultural experiences only scratch the surface of what Superyacht Norway can arrange during luxury yacht vacations. We therefore created a special MegayachtNews.com guide with more exclusive information. Email us to request a digital copy.

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